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Agriscience Fair Materials

Tennessee FFA Agriscience Fair


The State FFA Agriscience Fair recognizes high school students who are studying the application of scientific principles and emerging technologies in agricultural enterprises. Participation begins at the local chapter level and progresses to the state and national levels. Areas of participation closely mirror those of the International Science and Engineering Fair but reflect an agricultural theme.



• Provide students with an opportunity to use the scientific process.

• Provide students an opportunity to achieve local, state and national recognition for their accomplishments in Agriscience.

• Reinforce skills and principles learned in Agriscience courses.

• Provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate and display Agriscience projects that are products of their Agriscience courses.

• Provide recruiting and promotional opportunities for Agriscience programs



Chapter Level - Winners may be selected annually in each FFA chapter. The winner may represent any of the Agriscience category areas (based on state rules for competitions). Medals and certificates are available from the National FFA on the Medal Distribution Request form included in the Free Chapter Materials packet.

State Level - Winners from each division in all five categories may be selected annually in each of the chartered state associations. Each of those winners may then participate in the appropriate areas on the national level.

National Level - Winners from each state may be forwarded for national competition. A national winner will be selected in each division. National winners will be presented with ribbon rosettes and plaques. Additional awards may become available as funded by special project sponsors above and beyond the core sponsorship for the National FFA Agriscience Fair. They may include, but are not limited to, scholarships and cash awards to division winners in each category. These awards will be appropriate for each division, not necessarily equal or identical.


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